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Tecmark Air Button MPT-3428-BLK

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Series M and Series MPT air buttons are an essential component in Tecmark's pneumatic switching technology, LectricAir®, which safely isolates the user from the electrical current.

The Series M and Series MPT air transmitters provide the pulse air pressure needed to operate a remote air switch. The compact and efficient features of these transmitters are designed for hand actuation and can operate Tecmark® component switches from distances of up to 100 feet.


Black air button w/low profile feature

Flexible plastic or rubber tubing connectors accept 1/8" tubing.

Hole Size - 1-1/4"

Face - 1-5/8"

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3-15-0033-B MPT-06060-3428 (Tecmark) 3-15-0033-B
3-15-0033-B MPT-06060-3428 (Tecmark)
3-15-0033-B 59-319-1306
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