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Sundance Jacuzzi Control HF90000

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Jacuzzi Whirlpool bath control box Electronic Designer I, II, III and V. Use with G024940. 115 Volt, 50/60hZ and 16.5Amps. Topside cord M825000 is needed when connecting topside GQ24940 to new control box HF9000.


120 Volt/1 Speed Pump

Electronic system

System Note: Do not use original topside cable on new control because it may damage electrical components in the new control box. This type of damage is not covered under manufacturer warranty.

Manufacturers Note: The original D1 & D2 light connector is not compatible with the HF9000 control box. To install a light you must purchase BN95000 - light cable and BN96000- light and drill a new hole in the tub. Leave pre-existing light fixture in the tub.

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