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Hydro-Quip Bath Heater PH101-15UV

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The Hydro-Quip Pure Heat In-Line Bath Heater is an optimal replacement heater for Whirlpool baths and comes in a versatile, compact size with a convenient 120V 3' corded plug. Its automatic smart thermostat monitors temperature behavior and adjustment levels for an easy-to-use and adaptable heating system, and its in-line configuration supports sturdy pipe connection. Its reversible mounting gets rid of direction-oriented installation; both sides can be installed into any standard intake and outtake valve, adapting to 3/4" to 1-1/2" PVC plumbing. The Hydro-Quip Bath Heater can be installed directly into the suction line where water enters the pump.


Heater Feature   Suction Side
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2-00-7516 CT101-D (HydroQuip) 46-355-1054
2-00-7516 CT101-D (HydroQuip)
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