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Balboa Water Group (BWG) is a global supplier of control systems, jets, pumps, white goods, and accessories for spas and hot tubs. With over two decades of dedication to innovative design and development, BWG has a complete line of bath and hot tub products from which to choose.

Spa Parts ProShop offers BWG replacement parts in every location in the United States: even if you are in a remote location, you can benefit from quality Balboa products.

 Featured categories of Balboa spa parts for your hot tub

Balboa control systems and spa packs for your spa or hot tub

Balboa pumps and blowers for your spa or hot tub

Balboa plumbing and jets for your spa or hot tub

Balboa water maintenance products for your spa or hot tub


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Balboa Walter Group products and parts for spas and hot tubs

The Balboa Water Group boasts a large inventory of world-class products for your spa and hot tub, and Spa Parts ProShop has all the Balboa replacement parts you need to enjoy your spa or hot tub for a long time. A leader in the leisure water industry, we are the single-source solution for all your needs: electronic control systems, spa pumps, and plumbing; we have the right Balboa replacement part for your spa model!

More about Balboa Water Group

Based in California, BWG offers state-of-the-art, innovative, and leading-edge products worldwide. Their innovative design and technology are an essential factor of their success, and they are the largest manufacturer of spa parts in the United States today!

Spa Parts ProShop is proud to offer American spa owners reliable products and parts made by a leader in the hot tub industry. The replacement parts shown here include the highest quality pumps and blowers, electronic control systems, plumbing, jets, and maintenance products for spas and hot tubs.

 How to find the rep of a Balboa hot tub

Finding the right replacement part for your spa can be highly unpleasant and time-consuming if you don't have the correct information: model number, part number, etc. Fortunately, every Balboa Water Group spa part is identified with a label, making the selection and purchase of a suitable replacement much easier.

You may need to remove the panel from your spa itself to access the product to be replaced and read its label.

There will be two codes on the label:
The first line will include the product serial number and the product part number;
The second line is a general description of the Balboa product itself. You can use both to find the right replacement for your hot tub.

Which Balboa Water Group product categories are offered on Spa Parts ProShop?

We offer a complete line of Balboa products to our customers, such as control systems, pumps, jets, and plumbing fittings. You will find items like:

Balboa air controls

Balboa air injectors

Balboa cables & parts

Balboa control systems

Balboa generators

Balboa heaters

Balboa jets

Balboa jet internals

Balboa jet parts

Balboa ozonators

Balboa plumbing

Balboa pumps

Balboa sensors

Balboa spa packs

And many more! Discover Balboa's model offering below.

Balboa control system models for spas

Balboa Value Series

Balboa VL Series

Balboa VL200, VL240, VL260

Balboa VL400, VL401, VL402, VL403, VL404, VL406, VL406T, VL406U

Balboa VL600S, VL620S, VL700S, VL701S, VL702S

Balboa VL801D, VL802D

Balboa VS100

Balboa VS300 Series

Balboa VS500 Series, VS500Z

Balboa VS501 Series, VS501SZ, VS501Z

Balboa VS504 Series

Balboa VS510 Series, VS510SZ

Balboa VS511 Series, VS511SZ

Balboa VS513 Series

Balboa VS515 Series

Balboa VS520 Series, VS520S, VS520SZ

Balboa VS520 Series

Balboa VX10

Balboa Lite Digital

Balboa Lite Leader

Balboa M Series, M1, M2, M3

Balboa Massage Sequencer

Balboa Millenium

Balboa ML200, ML240, ML260

Balboa Mini - 6200

Balboa ML400

Balboa ML550, ML551

Balboa ML700

Balboa control system models for hot tubs

Balboa Serial, Serial Deluxe, Serial Standard

Balboa SpaTouch

Balboa Standard Digital

Balboa Super Duplex

Balboa TP Series, TP400T, TP400W, TP600, TP800, TP900

Balboa Deluxe

Balboa Digital Duplex

Balboa Dolphin, Dolphin II

Balboa Duplex, Duplex Analog

Balboa ECO-200

Balboa ECO-401

Balboa ECO-LL

Balboa EL Series

Balboa EL1000

Balboa EL2000

Balboa EL2001


Balboa EL8000

Balboa EL84P

Balboa pump models for spas and hot tubs

Balboa American II

Balboa Pentair / Maxim

Balboa Ultima

Balboa jet models for spas and hot tubs

Balboa Cyclone Euro

Balboa Diverter Jet

Balboa Euro Jet

Balboa Luxury

Balboa Luxury Micro

Balboa Micro Series

Balboa plumbing fitting models for spas and hot tubs

Balboa Lo-Pro

Balboa Lo-Profile

Balboa MTS97