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Mikise Filter Flosser Cartridge Cleaner FILTERFLOSSER

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Filter Flosser is a QUICK and EASY to USE tool specifically developed for cleaning cartridge filters of all types and applications. The unique design fits a regular garden hose. The curved nozzle design creates a powerful converged spray pattern which generates a unique water & air agitation action that gets deep down between the pleats for a fast and thorough cleaning. All of our products come with a limited lifetime warranty and no competitor makes these claims or backs their products like MIKISE FILTER TOOLS!


Filter Flosser Is The Ultimate Filter Cleaning Tool

Constructed of 100% Aluminum for long life and durability

Designed for Pool or Spa Filter Cartridges. Fits All Cartridge Types And Sizes

Connects to Standard Garden Hose (3/4" GHT)

Designed For All Washable, Reusable Filters

Has An Ergonomic Comfort Grip Handle

Filter Flosser Also Can Be Used With Our Power Pic Reach Extension - Part number P50419

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4-05-0609 FFLOSSV1 P50419
4-05-0609 FFLOSSV1
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