Gecko Heater Assembly 0603-421002

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in.therm is an intelligent remote heater that integrates electronics directly in its power box. Its long list of features includes a built-in temperature probe and new water flow detection that eliminates the need of a pressure switch. Its clever solid state design puts in.therm in a class by itself ensuring years of trouble-free usage. With solid state, in.therm can be started and stopped almost indefinitely with no degradation of its components. It can command multiple power levels on its single element and heat at its highest power only when necessary, reducing the demand on the element and greatly extending its lifetime.


Type Standard
Spa Brands Dynasty Spas

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3-90-0114A 0603421002 GK0603421002
GK-0603-421002 12222 0603-421002
3-90-0114A 0603421002
GK0603421002 GK-0603-421002
12222 0603-421002
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