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Watkins Hi-Limit (Kit) Watkins Sensor 73992

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This newly designed high limit thermistor replaces the original black plastic-tipped version. It is a safety device that will shut down power to the spa if the water temperature exiting the heater is too hot. This thermistor is for Hot Spot spa models beginning in 2006, (except Sprint & Dash) and all Solana spa models beginning in 2006.


Hi-Limit Sensor with 1/4" Bulb Diameter

12" Cable Length

NOTE - Watkins 73992 Hi Limit Thermistor This High Limit sensor is intended for many spa models- Solana : SX (2006-2010) TX ( 2006-2010) RX (2006-2009) Hot Spot : Relay (2010-current) Rhythm (2010-current) Tempo (2010-current) SX (2011-current) TX (2011-current) Mallorca (2006-2009) Sorrento (2006-2009) La Palma (2008-2009) Tobago (2006-2009) Trinidad (2006-2009) Caldera : Palatino (2010-current) Marino (2010-current) Vanto (2011-current) Aventine (2006-2015) Cumberland (2006-2009) Olympia (2006-2009) Tarino (2013-current) C 30 (2006-2009) San Gabriel (2008-2009) Oasis (2006-2009) C 45 (2006-2009)

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