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Sundance Jacuzzi Clamp 6570-033

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This Clamp is manufactured by Sundance Jacuzzi. It's more than a spa, its a way of life. Built on trust and excellence, the relationship we have with our customers will always be our foundation. By carefully selecting each of our dealers, we can ensure that you are enjoying outstanding products and services that reinforce the reputation we have earned over several decades. We want you to relax when you're in your Sundance® spa. So we give you the confidence that your spa has everything you need and nothing you don't. Backed by personal experience, a solid reputation for reliability and the best dealer network, you can focus on distraction-free interactions with those that mean most to you.

  • Clamp Size - 3/4"


Type - Spring Clamp

Used with 3/4" Vinyl Tubing

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SD6570-033 SD6570033
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