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Watkins Hot Spot Oval Keypad 76843

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Watkins Hot Spot 76843 control panel with cable, plug and overlay. Oval with LCD Display keypad panel comes with 10 ft. long cord that has the 8 pin, 6 wire connector. Measures 5.3” x 3” Overall Size. 5 button configuration include- Temp Plus, Temp Minus, Jets, Set, Light. Will run 1 Pump Systems. This keypad is compatible with the following series/system(s) - Watkins Proprietary, Used With 76840 Control System. Also found in the following spa models - Hot Spot Models (2013-2014) Relay, Rythm, Tempo, Sx, Tx.


Shape   Oval
Overlay Included   true
Number Of Button   5
Display Type   LCD
Connector Type   8 Pin JST Plug
Cable Length   


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