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Specials & Promotions

Start-up Kit promo titleStart-up Kit promo title
Start-up Kit on specialStart-up Kit on special

Leisure Time Bromine Spa Chemical Start-Up Kit works with bromine sanitation systems. Kit includes all the essentials needed for a bromide spa start-up and maintenance.

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This kit from Leisure Time contains the essential products needed for bromine spa start-up and maintenance. It contains one 3.5-ounce container of Brom Tabs, one 2-ounce container of Sodium Bromide, one 16-ounce bottle of Metal Gon, one 2.2-pound container of Leisure Time Renew, and one water sample bottle.


Leisure Time Sodium Bromide

Use at start-up. Ensure a fully bromine-based sanitizer system

Tip: Add 1/2 an ounce for every 100 gallons of water


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bromine water treatment 45430abromine water treatment 45430a

Leisure Time Metal Gon

Prevents build-up of iron and other metals

 Tip: Metal Gon only needs to be added upon start-up


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metal remover dmetal remover d

Leisure Time Renew

Clears cloudy water. Eliminates odors and contaminants

Tip : Oxidize your water preferably after each use, to keep it clean and clear


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shock water treatment renu5shock water treatment renu5

Leisure Time Brom Tablet floater

Sanitizes water. Maintains constant level of bromine

Tip: Poke 3-4 holes on opposite sides of the container

(only with start-up kit)


Water Sample Bottle

For water analysis
by a spa water lab

Tip: Oxidize your water preferably after each use, to keep it clean and clear

(only with start-up kit)

Start-up Kit includes:

Other products you may need to complete your start-up process:

Need to replace your filter cartridge?

We have the filter cartridge you need!

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